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Friday, February 03, 2012

Fixing Revit Topo Sub-Regions

Today, I ran into an issue with sub-regions in Revit topo surfaces and thought I'd share the quick fix with you.  Have you ever created subregions of a topo and at some point realized that you've in-advertantly created holes in the topo where you intended to create different material conditions. As shown in the image below, some grassy regions seemed to be displaced.

I found that if I deleted the grassy region by simply selecting the objects below the main topo surface, that I had to re-create new sub regions as it simply returned the "hole anomaly" shown in white on the surface back into the default brown region of the topo.  But if I edited the surrounding sub-region and removed the internal sketchlines, the hole disappeared and my grassy region returned.


When I noticed that selecting the surrounding region also selected the misplaced regions (they were highlighted in light blue as shown above), I chose Edit Boundary and tried deleting the internal or duplicated loops as shown in the image below.

The end result was the correct fix as it resulted in restoring my grassy regions to their correct location without having to recreate the outlines.  The corrected sub regions are shown below.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We have encountered similar - sub-regions affecting the visibility of the overall topo. This suggests that the sections are NOT 'missing', and gives me something to check for - thanks for the post!