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Monday, October 31, 2011

Old Revit Problem Resurfaces - 3D Views with Shaded and Wireframe graphics

Ever had a Revit view that displayed some entities in wireframe while correctly displaying other entities in full shade or realistic mode?  I thought this "feature" had been resolved, since I hadn't run into it in ages, but was asked to fix this issue today by a designer.  This problem is best shown in the image below, but could be described as wireframe graphics in a shaded mode. 

Notice the image above: All the building components are displayed in transparent wireframe mode, yet the view type is set for shaded. Switching to hidden line still displays bldg objects in transparency as shown in the second image.

Conventional wisdom from previous releases involved deleting the view and recreating it.  Unfortunately, that didn't work in this project.  Neither did resetting the view using the view cube!

Note:  I've checked the transparency of materials and verified that ghosting and transparency are not at work here. 

Because this was associated with a problem orbiting, I suspected CAD to be at the root of the problem.  Turning off the cad import, which had geometry far from the origin, did not fix the problem, but it did resolve the orbit issue.  With the orbit issue resolved, I thought I would try resetting the view.  Right click on the design cube and choose "orient to a direction" -> TOP.  Now the view is fixed. 

Hope this helps someone else!

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LEXI said...

I had the same problem where one of my elevation and 3D views displayed wireframe. I couldn't solve the problem following your instruction, (by the way I am using Revit 2013) so I had to do some extensive research and here is the conclusion: Un-link all CAD files under "Manage Links" and then go to the problematic views, un-check all the items in "Imported Categories" under "Visibility/Graphics Overrides" in view properties. Then my views went back to normal. I am not sure why the imported items were still listed in imported categories even after I deleted all linked files, but this solved the problem!