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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Autodesk Building Design Premium Deployment Modification - Verticals First

I had to revisit some deployments I created recently to modify some content locations.  On any deployment that had both AutoCAD and an AutoCAD based vertical package (ACA or MEP), the deployment modification routine would hang when I tried to modify either the ACA or AMEP product if I had modified the support paths in the AutoCAD versions (AutoCAD or Struc Designer) first.

I was able to restore the paths to default by modding the AMEP, then ACA, then Struc designer, then AutoCAD.  If you run into this, try modding the paths in the above order.

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revit king said...

We actually came across this issue just last week. Our visual issues came in our building sections, not all but most. Same wireframe look with hidden line, shaded, consistent colors, all being selected in hopes of something working to fix it...After a quick review of the model, I found a .dwg file that was HUGE (in distance, not file size) and had been inserted multiple times. The user didn't see the inserted file get placed so assumed it didn't make it in the model. After removing all .dwg files, purging and auditing etc., we were finally able to see the Sections as they were intended.