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Friday, September 03, 2010

Revit Family Editing - Project Tip

Are you working in a live project and need to modify a family? Are you going to add some new types or rename existing types and then add some new ones? Perhaps you are going to do all the above and then save the family back into your corporate standards library. Do yourself a favor, keep your project organized and the type list shorter by following this tip.

As a general workflow, do your renaming within your project file if you plan to reload the family. This will prevent your type list from growing since Revit will keep your old types and add the new or renamed types when it reloads the family from the family editor. If you've got workshare enabled and others are in the project, make sure that your synchronize with central, SWC (aka STC), and notify your team to do the same once the renames are complete and before you reload the family.

  1. Do your renaming within the live project. You can rename the types within the project browser as the starting point.
  2. Now rename the family (if required) within the project browser.
  3. Now SWC and notify your team if necessary.
  4. If you aren't making structural changes to the family, then you can create your new types here as well.
  5. Now, If you are making structural or wholesale changes to the family, then it is probably time to edit the family directly. You can choose an instance in the project and click Edit Family on the ribbon or right click the family in the project browser and choose Edit.
  6. Once your edits are complete and you've flexed it, reload it into the live project and verify your changes work.
  7. All good? Ctrl + Tab back to your family file and save to your library.

This process should keep you from getting a never ending type list under your families... Now back to work!

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