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Thursday, September 09, 2010

How To Inserting Views/Sheets from Templates in Revit

Have you ever wished you could insert views or sheets from existing templates into a new project or template only to find Revit uncooperative? Did you attempt it and find that Revit replies with the dreaded "Error-cannot be ignored" dialog box?
You know the one that says, "Unable to copy elements from file." It is the same window that only provides a cancel button reinforcing the software's claim that this Error cannot be ignored.
Have no fear! All is not lost. The solution to this problem is to simply open the other template file into the current session of Revit. Once open, you can use the Insert View command to bring those sheets/views into your current project or template with seeing the image shown above. Don't forget to change the file type selection to "All Files". Hope you found this helpful!

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Anonymous said...

In Revit 2013 this doesnt work