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Monday, August 17, 2009

Content Browser Hotfix - Confiming the fix for ADT 2007

Although there is no official hotfix release yet, for the content browser drag and drop issue, I can confirm that the "unofficial" hotfix does indeed restore the missing functionality for all releases going as far back as ADT 2007. Those of you who know what I am talking about will find the files made available by Odin Cary on Archidigm.

Fellow blogger, David Koch, of The Architects Desktop also discussed the issue in a blog post. There is a thread in the Autodesk Discussion Group alluding to this fix, unfortunately, none of the resources linked to above mentioned Architectural Desktop 2007 which is still the bread and butter for many firms.

Without a method of repairing my workstation, I was near "re-imaging" the pc in order to update some company standard tool palettes. To make a long story short, the hot fix mentioned in some of the above links does indeed work for ADT 2007. I have confirmed that. Those that wish to read about the ordeal can continue below...

After installing Revit Architecture Suite 2010, I was suprised to find out that my install of Architectural Desktop 2007 would no longer allow me to drag and drop palettes from the content browser to the application. Since the "AutoCAD" native import and export of tool palettes is disabled in the vertical products, I was left with attempting to rebuild tool palettes one tool at a time. This is unacceptable and left me without a means to re-build or extend some standard palettes in use by a large number of users. It also was an ALL Stop issue related to pushing out Revit Architecture 2010 to others in the firm.

After failing to uncover a hotfix, service pack, or mention of the problem related to ADT 2007 I resorted to standard processes. I attempted the fix on my own by doing the repair option. When this failed I resorted to the standard uninstall/reinstall dance. When that too I attempted a more vigorous repair option, this time by uninstalling all Autodesk products, purging the known hideouts and registry entries and then reinstalling in order of release.

Since none of these steps worked, I submitted a trouble call to Autodesk Web Support. While I waited for a response, I prepped my machine for a clean wipe and re-image for the hard drive. I was pleasantly surprised when Autodesk responded with an "as yet" unpublished Hotfix (see the Archidigm link). This am, I applied the Hotfix and was once again able to drag and drop palettes into ADT2007.


This fix is easy to apply, simply rename the offending file in the Autodesk Shared folder and copy in the new dll. You can get them at Archidigm or wait for Autodesk to post them.


Anonymous said...

I encountered the "post Revit 2010 install" broken iDrop and palette update in ACA 2009.

In my case just a repair install worked and idrop + palette sync worked again.

Richard Binning said...

Thanks Robin,

I wish it worked as easily for me.