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Monday, August 10, 2009

Adding Attributes to Dynamic Blocks - Don't forget ATTSYNC

I received a request to update some dynamic blocks this morning. The blocks were originally set up with a text entity that was allowed to be relocated much like an attribute, but was hardcoded to display a single value. Now that value had to be more "dynamic". Lets edit it and replace the text with an attribute.

The image shown displays two blocks, the one on the left has already been updated with an attribute. Notice that there is no text displayed. Remember this when you go to modify yours... You'll need to sync the attributes before the text will display appropriately. We'll cover that at the end of this post.

How to Add Attributes to Dynamic Blocks

  1. Open the drawing containing your dynamic block

  2. Select your block and right click choosing "Block Editor" from the context menu as shown here.

  3. Delete your text and click the define attribute tool within the block editor.
    Note: Your previously assigned actions will become disconnected as shown in the image below. This is not a cause for concern, we will fix that by double clicking and selecting our new attribute.

  4. Enter the values for your new attribute and ensure that you LOCK the attribute position as indicated in this image.

  5. Place your attribute and double click any "disconnected" actions then select your new attribute definition.

  6. Close the block editor and update the block.

  7. Type "ATTSYNC" and select your updated Dynamic Block.

  8. Your edits are complete, now start using it.

  9. You might have noticed that in practice your attribute will update upon changing the attribute need to wait and click the "Apply" button to see the new value as shown in this image.

For more info and help with Dynamic Blocks, visit the Dynamic Blocks forums at

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