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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Revit Workflow in 3 Easy Steps - Think 3

Think 3. The workflow is clockwise within the Revit editor, no matter what flavor you are using.

ONE (1) - You begin by selecting your tool from the design bar on the far left of Revit's screen. Various palettes are available containing context sensitive tools for use.

TWO (2) - Once you've selected your tool, move your eyes and your mouse to the top of the Revit screen and select/modify the options available in the options bar. You can drill down using the element properties button if necessary, but most of the general properties are available within the options bar itself as shown below.

THREE (3) - Third and final step is to place the element within the design window using the options selected in the previous step.

Note: Some elements like slabs and roofs, require you to complete your sketch within the drawing window and then complete the sketch by picking on the design bar. This is another reason why the workflow resembles a circle drawn clockwise.

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blads said...

G'day Richard

nice tutorial but isn't it time you upgrade to 2010 and the mighty ribbon :)

cheers mate

Richard Binning said...

Not yet....I like to make sure it's soup before migrating 100 others to a new release. I'll wait for the service pack.

Joseph Joseph said...


On the upgrading to Ribbon / waiting. This would apply ONLY if you don't have additional users to train on REVIT and / or you are through with deployments.

I would rather make the switch now, than train users on something that they will have to get trained on AGAIN 6 months later.

I like the graphics, i think it over simplifies the process.

Nice Richard!

Anonymous said...

I'm still old school, 2 keystroke commands are still faster than a menu and I have much more room to view the work.

Richard Binning said...

Ahh yes, 2 keystroke commands... what could be faster than two keys and then the enter key to launch a command in AutoCAD? How about two keys in Revit with no need to hit the enter key!