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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Revit 2010 Build Checker Updated

The BesideTheCursor Revit Build Checker has been updated to support Revit 2010 products when they are available. No need to launch Revit and search for the build number...just launch my script to get a report on installed versions of Revit from Release 9.1 through 2010.

  • Also works with 64 bit Windows XP and Vista.

  • Also works with Revit MEP and Revit Structures.

  • Get a copy here.

I welcome your feedback on this tool.


Nicholas said...

Great app.

Is there a way that you can pull the list of current builds for each product from the Auto desk website. That way we could use this app to see who's installations are out of date without having to remember or write down the current builds.

Richard Binning said...

I wish they would put the latest build info into an RSS feed, then it would be simple. Right now, they bury it in a pdf and the name keeps changing. Might be able to do something with Yahoo Pipes....