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Friday, February 27, 2009

ACA 2009 VBA Macro - Room Zoom Available

R2009Find_Room_Zoom2.dvb is a VBA Macro that displays a modeless userform on the screen with a text box and a button labeled "Find". When you enter a room or space number in the text box and click the "Find" button, it will cycle through all the available space/room objects in the current drawing and any attached xref files and zoom your display to center on that space or room with the corresponding number. This macro originated in Autodesk Architectural Desktop (ADT) R3.3 and is now updated for Autodesk AutoCAD Architectural (ACA) Release 2009.

Take a look at the code within the macro to see how to:

  • Use the acfocus control (allows you to keep the form visible on the screen while you interact with entities within your file.

  • Find the schedule property and get the associated space or room object.

You'll find more helpful utilities in past posts here and at, R U a Member?


Jose Guia said...

Umm ... maybe I'm missing something but where exactly is the code?



Richard Binning said...

It is inside the macro.

Arno de Lange said...

and the difference for opening your room shedule and click show is??

Richard Binning said...

There are a number of benefits like:
--The ability to go from room to room without returning to your schedule.
--The ability to interact with your drawing and modify it and immediately zoom again to another space without selecting the schedule again, choosing select, show, and control clicking the schedule item.
--Its free.

alexvai said...


I am sorry , but where is the code or macro