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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Revit Text Editing Quick Tip

Save yourself a click or two in Revit when you are using the tab key to align text. Think about which line is the top line of the section and align from the bottom up using tabs on subsequent lines to align the edges. Look at the example below:

As the image shows, only tab twice to align with the word above (step 1.), then move up a line and tab to move both into place (step 2.) Finish the alignment by tabbing the top line into place (step 3.).
If you follow the pattern shown above, you will find adjusting and aligning text to go much smoother. If you try to work top down, you'll soon find that you end up doing a lot more back spacing as you work through your notes.

Remember too, that Revit will cruelly "adjust" your text when it goes into edit text mode, meaning that the justification will be different than when you first clicked on it. But it will remember when you exit. So as long as you like what you see on screen when you are done editing, that is what you will see when you exit the edit mode.

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