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Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Dream Workstation is now available.

I found my dream workstation in a laptop form today and just had to tell you about it. It is a 17" desknote with a fast desktop processor, 8 GB of hi-speed (800) RAM, a solid state hard drive (SSD), and a workstation class video card (Quadro). Want to know where to get it?

Visit Eurocom and look for the EUROCOM D90xC PHANTOM-X.
You'll find an article about it in the latest desktop engineering headlines. Look for "Server-caliber Computer doubles as a mobile workstation" or just click this link.

I clicked over to Eurocom's site and configured a machine for Revit. Since it is a dream machine, I spec'd it for my dreams with the following items for only $4,177 USD:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo® Processor E8400; 3.0GHz; 1333 FSB
Video: 512MB GDDR3; nVidia Quadro FX 1600
RAM: 8GB; 2x 4GB; DDR2-800
Harddrive: 250GB Solid State Drive SSD; Read>140MB/sec Write>90MB/sec; Seek<0.35ms

It would be interesting to compare this setup against a similarly configured laptop with a conventional 7200 rpm laptop drive. Eurocom? I'm ready to test it whenever you wish to send them over!

Want to learn more about SSD drives? Checkout the Solid_state_disk article at wikipedia.

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