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Friday, May 16, 2008

IES VE-Ware, Building Energy Analysis for Revit 2009

Those of you who did not visit Boston this week may have missed the release of IES VE-Ware for Revit 2009. Interested in determining the carbon footprint for your designs? Visit IES website and download a copy of their FREE offering.

It sounds really easy! I've included the step-by-step guide to using IES’s VE-Ware as published in the news release:

  1. Insert geometry data

  2. Tell it where your building is in the world

  3. Define your: building type construction materials heating and cooling system types room types

  4. Press a button – automatic detailed thermal simulation is performed for you

  5. Get output on: energy consumption CO2 emissions US benchmark against the 2030 Challenge

  6. You can then easily modify your building and assess different options

More info...

IES’s VE-Ware, which is available to download for free online, gives
limited but incredibly valuable access to its world leading Apache thermal analysis software. New and existing buildings can
now have their energy and carbon emissions easily assessed for free.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard

I am currently trying to convert my Revit model to IES(VE) for calculations. I am however encountering a lot of problems, ie. Walls don't go up to roof height, i keep getting errors from Revit about volume calculations, etc.

We have only started using Revit MEP recently and are probably doing something wrong.

Do you have any suggestions or know where I can find a tutorial of some kind that explains how to prepare your Revit model for before converting to IES(VE) or doing building performance analysis?

I would appreciate any kind of help on this.