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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Autodesk Seek Web Service is Live

I stumbled across the Autodesk Seek web service as I was investigating the changes to Revit 2009 user interface. When I saw the ubiquitous search tool that had appeared on the options bar, I clicked it to see what it did. Autodesk Seek is a search engine that aggregates available content from various sources on the web and brings the results back in a filtered, intelligent interface. Using the tool is easy and straightforward. You can either browse to the site and perform your search directly or launch it from within the Revit 2009 interface by entering a search term in the content search box and clicking the magnifying glass icon as shown in the image shown to the left.

Once you click you are taken to the main page which performs the search displaying a loading progress indicator.

After completing the search, the results are displayed in the main window located to the lower right of your browser. If you wish to further filter the results by manufacturer, filetype, category, etc. you can perform these refinements by clicking on the filters available in the filter column located on the left of the browser window.

You can also refine your search by filetype by clicking on the filetype selector located at the top of the browser and choosing what file type you are interested in.
The entire online catalog of Revit Families are available through this new mechanism. Other content types include Sketchup (*.skp), AutoCAD (*.dwg), word (*.doc), and adobe (*.pdf) documents. Hopefully, manufacturers and the rest of the industry will find this tool useful and open up their collections to be "discovered" by this new web service.

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