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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fixing Non Planar Walls in AutoCAD Architecture - VBA Powered

Ever get a file in AutoCAD Architecture (ACA), aka the software formerly known as Architectural Desktop (ADT), that just had more wall cleanup problems than you knew what to do with? It happens frequently when walls are converted from existing linework or traced from other files. One problem is that the walls can have different end point elevations...and this is really bad for ADT. Rather than fixing each wall one at a time or fixing them within the properties dialog, wouldn't it be easier if you could simply run a quick macro to fix every wall in the current drawing? I thought so. Thats why I wrote the routines you can download below.

Want to learn how to load the file you can download for your version of ADT?
Then watch this video:

Want to see that video in full size? Try this link:

Want to learn more about how this routine was written? You'll get the code and all the backgrounder info by reading my AUGI HotNews article from the July 2006 issue. When you are done reading, head back here to download the version specific routines.

Thanks to creative commons and Derek Audette for the background music.


Anonymous said...

No need to adjust the elevation anymore in ACA2009

Richard Binning said...

You're right, ACA2009 takes care of the elevation locking and overlooks some misalignments when doing wall cleanups. But watch out for osnapz variable as it can result in different elevation settings based on its value.

Richard Binning said...

Anonymous, thanks for your post, but the tool is still necessary as you'll soon see in my video to be posted shortly.

I've just updated my tool for ACA2009. Note: 2008 version uses the same libraries, but they are in a different location. So references will need to be updated in your copies or just download a new version from my upcoming post.