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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Scripting a REVIT 2009 Local Copy Startup Routine

For those of you curious about how the new "starting page" might impact your scripted copy/startup routine you can rest assured that they should continue to work as before. The video shown below will provide an example of a vbscript based local copy startup that works with Revit 2009. FWIW, it took all of 10 minutes to modify the hta based code to get it work with all three Revit 2009 products. (Architecture, MEP, Structure)

This routine shows a Revit best practice of launching a local copy of a central model that is completely automated. The html application (hta) file provides a gui front end on a vbscripted solution to allow the user to choose a revit flavor and then choose a project to work on. The routine transparently, copies the central model to the local harddrive, renaming the file by appending the logged in users name to the file name.

1 comment:

Sean Burke said...

Good on ya! I do like the HTA concept, very slick.
- Sean