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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Revit 2009 Enables Selection Feedback

One of the things that was always difficult for Ex-AutoCAD users when migrating to Revit was the inability to know exactly what had been selected. In AutoCAD it was easy, simply go to the properties dialog box or watch your command line and you received meaningful feedback as you made selections. This was not the case in Revit until the latest release, 2009!

If you look at the lower right corner of your interface, you will see the familiar "filter" icon (see image below) on the status bar with a number displayed next to it. This is your "NEW" selection indicator providing heads up display information you can use while working.

So what is even better than than? The fact that they have now added the number of elements selected to list box available in the standard filter dialog box as shown in the image below. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this is still pretty weak compared to other software out there. I use Revit and have come from an Archicad background. Archicad has much more powerful selection / filtering tools (and has for many years). Come on Autodesk!

Richard Binning said...

Yes, but still better than not having the numbers displayed as in the last release.