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Friday, January 04, 2008

Revit and January aren't getting along - The Fix

Follow up Instructions for resetting PC date.

You might run into problems editing groups and schedules from the project browser or opening old files. This occurs in Revit 2008, 9.1, Structures 4, etc. If you encounter a "failed to open" or "unspecified error encountered" message than set your pc clock to a month other than January and perform the same task.

Watch the following video or scroll down for the step by step how to:

  1. Double click on the system time shown in the system tray located at the lower right corner of your windows desktop.

  2. When the system date and Time Properties dialog box is displayed change the Month to anything other than January

  3. Click the Apply button then click "OK"

  4. Open your legacy file or perform your edit within Revit as necessary

  5. The system clock may set it self back automatically if you are controlled by group policy otherwise follow these steps in reverse to reset the date manually.

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