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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Simple Tip - Merge DWF Files

Sometimes it is the simple things that seem so powerful. I just upgraded to Design Review 2008 as part of my plan to standardize on a single filetype for plotting. While looking for ways to combine drawings on a project I stumbled across the ability to merge DWF files. How cool! Simply selecting two dwf files in Windows explorer, and then right clicking my mouse presented the "Merge" command. The result is that I now have a simple way to combine multiple files into a single master file.


Tracy Lincoln said...

This is a great feature, which allows the user to name and place the new "merged" DWF... but with one ?caveat? the individual sheet names (NAME on Design Review's Content Panel) inside of this newly "merged" DWF are all blank.

Just be aware of it, otherwise for batch plotting, marking up, creating a single DWF this way is very cool.

Richard Binning said...

Thanks for the added info!

MarcoPolo said...

That's a good one. I didn't know that before.

Cheers, Marco

Chris said...

Great feature, and quick. What a drag about the Null page names. These oversights by Autodesk continue to make DWF a difficult sell in a PDF world. Perhaps they put all their attention on Vista and are leaving us XPers behind. :(