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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Need AutoCAD resources? Check this out!

Perhaps you haven't heard of Cadopolis yet, but if you are an AutoCAD user, then you are missing the boat if you haven't found their site yet. If you have and you haven't visited lately, then you are in for a treat. Get right on over to their site to find your "one stop shop" for all kinds of AutoCAD programs, productivity tools, and assistance.

Are you connected with a group of local users who meet regularly? Then you should check out the User Group Support pages at Cadopolis to find out more about the support features they provide to user groups throughout the world. The staff and owners of Cadopolis are a generous bunch who are constantly looking for new ways to bring cool stuff to fellow users of AutoCAD. Now they've launched blogs and aggregated rss feeds to help users of Autodesk products.

Click this link, Find AutoCAD Solutions, explore CAD blogs & subscribe to RSS feeds at

What you're still the link already!