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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Create Invisible Points using Divide Command

One of the original reasons for the defpoints layer was to provide a non printing layer for dimension points. Do you want to make point objects invisible to the eye no matter what the pdmode variable is set to? Move your point objects to the defpoints layer.

I stumbled on this by accident when I got a call from a user who couldn't figure out where his points went. He double checked the pdmode variable setting and verified that he had both defpoints and layer 0 on and not frozen. But no matter what he did, every time he used the divide command his points would not be displayed. Of course he could find them using the node osnap, he just couldn't make them visible.

Hint: To keep your points invisible, move them to the defpoints layer. To ensure that they are visible move them to any other layer and verify that pdmode is set correctly.