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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

AutoCAD Drawing Viewer as a replacement for VoloView

I was recently updating an internal policy on CAD sotware usage inside and outside of the design division of our company. As more and more construction personnel have the need to view and work with drawing files, it is increasingly important to have a tool to allow native viewing and plotting of AutoCAD files.

No sooner had I begun my search for a voloview replacement when I received Ralph Grabowski's latest email blast announcing upFront.Ezine NEWS #448. which contained a reference to this new tool in his "Below the Radar" column.
Autodesk gets with the program by (re-)releasing a DWG viewer. No lightweight, the no-charge download is 100MB from

How timely, and thanks again for your timely e-zine Ralph! I'll report back on the use of this new viewer after I test it. Beginning download now!