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Thursday, August 18, 2005

ADT: VBScripting Resources List

There is a wealth of resources available for those who need some assistance with Visual Basic in general and VBScripting specifically. I would like to think that those of you who visit this blog get some great assistance and learn something from the world of Visual Basic too! So I'll start my list with a little self serving promotion of articles I've written or write on a regular basis and then follow up with the places I visit when looking for answers.

Beside the Cursor (This Blog) - Contains articles and information covering the spectrum of all things Visual Basic with an emphasis on integration in the Architecture and Engineering world with a further emphasis on integration and usage within Autodesk Products in general and Architectural Desktop and Building Systems specifically.

You'll find a whole slew of links and blogs on the right side of this page that can help you as you work in VBScript/VBA/VB/.net with AutoCAD. A few specific links to ADT flavored information includes the following:

The Architect's Desktop - David Koch's blog about ... you guessed it, Architectural Desktop

Beyond the UI - An excellent source of information from Lee Ambrosius.

JTB World - Software engineering/architecture/development, CAD, AutoCAD, ADT, VB.NET, VBA, AutoLISP, Access, SQL Server and more

Area 31 - custom programming, design ideas, for CAD programmers, by Jim Dowthwaite

CADMin - John Janzen has an excellent site with good example code for use with VBA and Architectural Desktop.

AUGI HotNews (Monthly ezine) - I write a technical article in each monthly edition with a focus on customization of Autodesk products using VBA or VBScript. AUGI HotNews is a monthly newsletter written for AUGI members, brings them up to date on the latest from AUGI, Autodesk, and the Autodesk community. With feature articles, product tips, special offers and announcements, HotNews keeps AUGI members in the loop.

AUGI AUGIWorld (Bimonthly Magazine in Hardcopy/Digital formats) - You can typically find a well written article in AUGI World on some aspect of Visual Basic in every issue. I wrote a series of articles on getting started with VBA titled "VBA Foundations" which appeared in previous editions of AUGIWorld magazine.

AUGI Forums (Customization, VBA, Programming, etc.) provide a wealth of knowledge and examples for those looking for assistance or learning. If you have specific questions regarding an application you can find that help too!

AUGI ATP (AUGI Training Program) - The ATP consists of a wide range of courses intended to provide supplemental training to CAD professionals. These courses are offered free of charge to AUGI members. There is usually a programming class in the mix so check the current courses page to see if there is something you would like to learn.

Autodesk University (AU) - I have attended the last five AU's and can personally attest to the outstanding number, level, and quality of classes available during this 4 day annual event. Its not too late to register for this years event at Disney World! Previous Autodesk University Class Handouts are also available to all registered AUGI members. I taught a class on ObjectDBX at a previous AU and have packaged up the experience in a microsite for those that are interested.

Autodesk Discussion Groups (NewsGroups) - The Autodesk newsgroups are a great place to look for assistance. Of specific interest to VB are the following: Visual Basic Customization and of course .Net

Strictly Visual Basic Sources:

Microsoft Windows Scripting Home Page - Visit the home page of Microsoft Windows Scripting

VBScript USENET Newsgroup Connect to the VBScript newsgroup

VBScript Language Reference - The on-line language reference is available or download the latest documentation.

A VBScript Tutorial is available as well.

Check out the Scripting Guys too!

Hope that is helpful.