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Thursday, July 21, 2005

MText-Follow Up.

Following up on yesterday's post. Jimmy Bergmark of JTBWorld sent me a short email yesterday reminding me that the zoom wheel behavior is automatic in AutoCAD 2006, meaning that there is no need to hold the ctrl key to make the text size more legible in the editor. Can they make it any easier?

Be aware that although automatic, this behavior is indeed different. In AutoCAD 2005, the text merely appears larger within the original confines of the Mtext editor. See figure 1 for the original size.

Figure 1.

Now note the enlarged size here in figure 2. Note too, that the objects outside the edit box have not increased in size.

Figure 2.

AutoCAD 2006 actually performs a zoom in place rather than simply increasing the size of the text in the editor. Figure 3 shows the original size.

Figure 3.

Now note how the size has increased as a result of the zoom....note the surrounding entities have also increased in apparent size.

Figure 4.

Check out the new features workshop for more info on improvements to the MText functionality, also available on line here, for those of you who have not yet made the leap