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Thursday, July 07, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 Tool Palette Tip

Have you created some useful tool palettes and want to share them? Are you tired of doing the "right-click-customize-import" dance? Looking for a better way to import your library of XTP files?

Open a windows explorer browser.
Navigate to the folder containing your XTP files.

DRAG AND DROP them onto AutoCAD's window!

What could be easier than that? You don't have to do it a file at a time either! You can drag and drop multiple files at once! Just be sure to re-organize them once you have brought them into AutoCAD.

P.S. Once you organize them and create palette groups, be sure to export those palette groups. When I dragged in my exported palettes, ADT2006 forgot the groups I had created...Lucky for me I exported the groups and was able to reimport them. Problem solved.

Hope that helps!