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Sunday, March 06, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 is just around the corner...Sneak peak!

Hi there and welcome...I've just been given the go-ahead to share some of the cool new features of the soon to be released AutoCAD 2006. Privately known as "Rio", AutoCAD 2006 has some of the best and most productive features ever to be released by autodesk. Please return to this site for many additional feature sneak peeks in the coming days. For now, I'll share with you the first thing that jumped out at me after installing this latest version.

Heads Up Design

Heads up design is the concept or feature set that puts critical information directly "beside the cursor" (couldn't resist that one!) to facilitate better and quicker decisions, interaction, and promote productivity. If you are like me, you will probably jump right in to the AutoCAD window and start drawing. This is where I discovered the new "Heads Up Design" feature known as "Dynamic Input". The effect of Dynamic Input is what enables direct user interaction with tool tips while commands are in process. Historically, tooltips were short directions or information that pop up when the cursor hesitated over "enabled" objects. It was a one way notification, that while helpful was frequently ignored or quickly forgotten. With Dynamic input, the tooltip is now enabled for two-way communication, allowing you to interact and enter properties directly using the tool tip text box.

When you get an opportunity, fire up AutoCAD 2006 and start by picking a point somewhere on the screen and click and hold your left mouse button to begin the standard "window" selection method by dragging the mouse to the right. Notice anything new? How about the background color of your selection window? What about that new "dynamic" input tool tip?

To change the values or cycle between the "X" and "Y" coordinates input try hitting your "Tab" key to choose which value you want to adjust. Now try dragging your mouse to the left past your starting point. The window will change from solid or continuous borders to the familiar dashed line representing a "crossing type" of selection window. Check out the new background color! Talk about heads up display!

It gets better, so return here for more information and tips and tricks everyday this week. If you are not able to see the now "Active" tooltip, be sure to look at your status bar and toggle on the new "DYN" button you'll find there!

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See you tomorrow with something new from AutoCAD 2006!

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