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Sunday, February 27, 2005

BIM Deployment Conference

I guess the cats out of the bag on this one. Here is the official release received via email earlier today. I post it here for your reading pleasure.

Industry Experts to Explore Building Information Modeling Atlanta, GA, February 23, 2005 --

As building owners increasingly demand smarter ways to design, document and deliver their building projects, an approach called building information modeling (BIM) is poised to "cross the chasm" from pioneering technology to mainstream adoption. On April 19­­20,2005, leading experts, solution providers and users of this technology will meet at the Global Learning and Conference Center on the campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta to explore the challenges and opportunities of BIM, as well as the processes necessary for successful deployment. Organized and hosted jointly by the Georgia Tech College of Architecture (COA) Ph.D. Program and the LaiserinLetter™ technology advisory service, this conference includes real-world case studies and interactive panels, as well as industry applications and analyses essential to everyone who owns, operates,constructs or designs buildings.

Links to audience registration and the conference agenda are available on the web at or by contacting:

Mrs. Mercedes Saghini
phone +1 (404)894-3476.

Sponsorship information, for vendors of qualified technology solutions, may be obtained by contacting:

Jerry Laiserin
phone +1 (917) 225-7058.

The conference will examine the ways that BIM "offers fundamentally new opportunities for improving the quality of design, shortening the building procurement life cycle, and reducing costs," according to Charles Eastman, Building Product Models. Both public and private building owners are beginning to recognize these benefits. A key confirmation of this trend is the US General Services Administration’s (GSA) requirement for a BIM approach at the concept design phase of all projects starting in fiscal year 2006 (which begins October 2005). Notes Eastman, "the issue no longer is why or when to adopt BIM, but how to effectively deploy it now."

LaiserinLetter™ editor Jerry Laiserin, founding director of the aecXML project for industry data exchange and widely credited with standardizing and popularizing the terminology of BIM, observes that "the multi-dimensional, data-rich models of the BIM approach enable contractors,engineers, architects and building product manufacturers to work as a tightly integrated team helping owner-operators build smarter." Case study and application presentations at the conference illustrating such teamwork include BIM for Steel Construction, BIM for Precast Concrete Construction,BIM for Energy Analysis, BIM for Project Delivery and BIM for Industry Integration, as well as BIM for Owners. Panel presentations include leading providers of technology solutions in each of these areas. With the BIM approach finally "ready for prime time," this Georgia Tech/LaiserinLetter™ conference offers important business and professional knowledge critical to every executive and manager in the building enterprise.

Conference on Building Information Modeling:Challenges, Opportunities, Processes, Deployment April 19­20, 2005­ Atlanta, Georgia, USA