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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Are your drawings getting Bloated? Put them on a diet!

Got drawings that seem much larger than they should be? Are you working with ADT, but still saving proxy information in every file? Get rid of those "unintelligent" entities by putting your drawings on a diet. This macro will toggle two different variables.
(defun c:diet (/) (prompt "\nMacro: Put your Drawings on a
DIET Toggle by
RLB!") (if (zerop (getvar
(progn (setvar
"PROXYGRAPHICS" 1) (setvar "isavepercent"
0) (prompt "\n TURNED
OFF ")
0) (setvar "isavepercent"
0) (prompt "\n TURNED ON
") )
) (princ))

The first part of the macro turns off the proxy or "zombie" graphics that just take up file space. This is accomplished through the "proxygraphics" variable. The second setting addressed in this macro refers to the Isavepercent variable. The function of the Isavepercent variable is to determine the amount of wasted space tolerated in a drawing file. It ensures that you are not retaining unnecessary "undo" data with every save. For more information look in your help files for "Isavepercent".

The command line will let you know if you are in "diet" mode or if it has been turned off everytime you run this toggle.